Perles Warranty TERMS

Perles 3-Year Extended Warranty TERMS

Basic Terms
- All sales are final.
- Other than warranty or paid repair service, no other returns will be accepted.
- All warranty and service returns must have proper RGA (returned goods authorization) and paperwork as detailed below.
- All returned tools and/or parts become Perles (ATech d.o.o., Bač pri Materiji 30, 6242 Materija, Slovenia, Registration Number: 5433282000, VAT ID No: SI 22395067 - hereinafter: Perles) property.
- Accessories are not subject to warranty terms.

Warranty Details
All Perles power tools have been thoroughly checked and tested according to the Perles Quality Assurance System standards and conform to full approvals and certification. Perles assures warranty according to the below-mentioned conditions in the form of repair of the defect in material or manufacturing within the warranty period. Perles offers a warranty for its power tools and Perles provides this warranty in compliance with the following conditions:
- The standard warranty period is 12 months.
- The warranty becomes valid on the original purchase date, proven by the date on the provided original invoice.
- The available registered online extended warranty period is 36 months from the date of purchase.
- To qualify for the extended 3 ( three) Year warranty period, the tool must be registered online within 4 (four) weeks of purchase and only applies to tools purchased after 1 June 2016. To qualify for the extended 3 ( three) Year warranty period, the tool must be used according to manual instructions, the tool must be regularly cleaning and maintenance from the end-user. The tool must be regularly maintenance from the official service centers if the industrial enduers daily ower load use 2 hours per 6 months, or daily ower load use 4 hours per 3 months, or daily ower load use 6 hours per 2 months.
- Batteries, Chargers and accessories are not included in the extended warranty period. - Registration for the extended warranty is possible only on the internet.
- Provided warranty confirmation and the original invoice with the model number and the date of purchase serve as proof of registration and determine eligibility for warranty.
- The extended warranty registration serves as verification of Users (purchasers) acceptance of terms and conditions of the warranty.

The warranty specifically excludes
- Parts that are subject to normal wear and tear. 
- Damage to the tool caused by natural wear.
- Damage resulting from
1) Not following the manufacturer's instructions.
2) Improper or unintentional use.
3) Defects that appear due to abnormal conditions in the environment or an inadequate working environment.
4) Defects caused by overload or inadequate power (low voltage, generator power - overloaded, unclean or inconsistent, circuit overload, inadequate gauge cord for distance, too long of extension cord, etc.).
5) Insufficient maintenance or care.
6) Damage caused by the use of non-original parts or accessories.
7) Damage caused by the use of non-Perles approved or supplied paddles and accessories.
8) Any tool that has been tampered with, modified and/or supplemented.
9) Modifications, service or repair by unauthorized agents or entities.
10) Cosmetic or other deviations of quality that do not hinder the tools performance and/or work capacity.
11) Other claims that deviate from Perles right to repair defects on the tool. 12) Perles reserves the right to repair or replace at our discretion properly returned units in compliance within the specific terms of the warranty (if necessary, with the next appropriate model). All returned tools or parts become Perles property.

Any and all warranty claims
- It must be submitted within the warranty period.
- Must have proper RGA (returned goods authorization) and paperwork.
- RGA must be clearly visible on return packaging and return paperwork.
- The entire tool must be brought or sent together with the warranty card and original invoice (with visible purchase date and product ID) to the vendor or authorized service location.
- When filing a warranty claim under the 36-month warranty period, you must also include registration confirmation (proof of registration).
- Tampering, modification and/or any level of disassembly of Perles tools voids any and all written or implied warranty and claims.
- All transportation costs and risk of transport are the purchaser's responsibility.